THE SUMMIT is purchased via a per-person fee.  Fee amount, schedule of payments required, and deadlines are listed on the SUMMIT page.  Contact Course For Life to arrange for purchasing of SUMMIT packages.  
Policies concerning privacy, returns and refunds, and delivery and shipping
COURSE FOR LIFE CURRICULUM is available in PDF format, via download, once the purchase is complete.  Cost is based on the size of the purchasing organization.  Prices are for unlimited copying, for the purchasing organization only, for a period of one school-year cycle.  Annual renewal is required. This pricing is based on the organization's highest average attendance in the total organization (Bible study, worship, daily attendance, etc., whichever is largest).  If the purchasing organization is a church, this number would be your average total attendance (all age groups from pre-school through senior adults) in worship or Sunday School.  

0-99 = $99
100-249 = $199
250-399 = $299
400-699 = $399
700-999 = $499
1000-1299 = $649
1300-1599 = $799
1600-1999 = $999
2000+ = Call for pricing

D-NOW CONNECT pricing is dependent on the box or boxes being purchased.  Course For Life will need to be contacted.  

Box #1 = $59
Box #2 = $8-$15 depending on T-shirts ordered
Box #3 = $75 per leader plus mileage

The contents of Box #1 are available on this website once the purchase is complete.  Obviously, Box #2 and #3 will require additional arrangements.   

Contact Course For Life to purchase at the address or phone listed at the bottom of any page.